Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Flowers

In my weekend rambles with the kids to and from sport commitments I discovered some new wonders among the spring flowers. This rose, part of a massive planting (probably "The Fairy," a popular, low maintenance rose) along the Hudson waterfront in my neighborhood, sat close to a spruce. I just thought the color contrast was interesting. The daylillies are of the Stella D'Oro variety, an early bloomer among the daylillies with a more compact habit. (I prefer Stella D'Oros - which means "star of gold" in Italian - over the more common orange daylillies that most of us spy along highways . . . They get a bit "leggy" and ugly after blooming.) Finally, I'm not sure what these last flowers are. Any guesses? My 6-year old informs me that they could be "pipecleaner" flowers, and announces that he read about them recently. Even if he's incorrect, I give him an "A" for that analogy! Knowing Sam, however, the identification is likely correct.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I absolutely love the roses with the spruce. Such contrasts.
Do you ever paint flowers, I'm wondering?