Monday, June 11, 2007

Greek Revival

Here's the sort of architectural detail I like to find in my walks around the Village. Thankfully there are still plenty of 19th century (and even a few 18th century) buildings in the neighborhood and they will often surprise the careful observer with little details like this Ionic column with its distinctive capital framing a townhouse doorway. And, in an age when this sort of thing is replicated in molded plastic, it's nice to see the hand-made variety surviving. Although this example could use a fresh coat of paint - or perhaps just a good cleaning - it's nice to see that successive owners have preserved a detail so easily - and often - removed from older homes. First seen in 6th century BC Ionia and Greece, the Ionic column was a favorite among mid-19th century architects of the Greek Revival. This townhouse looks to be a late antebellum structure, so the detail is "spot-on" appropriate.

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