Monday, June 4, 2007

Flowers and Rose Advice on a Rainy Monday

It's such a rainy, dark day here - with the darkness exacerbated by the tall buildings of midtown - that I couldn't resist posting some photos from my weekend travels. These photos are from two public gardens at 6th Avenue and Downing Street in the West Village. Great morning light certainly enhanced my efforts. How about the stamens and anthers on that second rose! They just scream to the insect world: "Take me, I'm yours!" The white rose is one of the nicest I've seen this year (although I think I spy a hint of powdery mildew on some of the unopened buds . . . in this case a product of a little too much shade).

White roses, just as they start to open, are very susceptible to thrips, tiny insects that feed on the juicy ends of immature petals. Apparently there's something about the white color that induces a stronger attraction. If not treated, thrips-infested white roses will open with damaged petals that often display brownish, curled edges. In severe cases of thrips, the buds will simply fail to open, having been damaged so badly. Spray unopen buds with a mixture of mild soapy water (Ivory Liquid, for example, is gentle enough) and repeat over several days as the buds start to open. If aphids have also been a problem, the soapy water is good for combatting them as well!




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One Wink at a Time said...

It must be really cool to live where you do and be exposed to so many different things in a normal day. I don't know if I could "do" city life, I really like the country. But I think it might be very stimulating for awhile anyway.
Interesting "rothe tipth" Brian. I thought you'd developed a lithp.
I know, that wath lame. Thorry.