Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting to Be Judged

Just finished this painting yesterday. I based this on an image I had snapped at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival at the end of May. These ewes were waiting to be judged in the 4H livestock competition.

The image started as a pencil sketch and then a study in oil pastels that I quickly abandoned because the results just weren't satisfactory. Finally, I came back to it a couple of weeks ago, trying a new sketch. This time the painting went well and I spent much of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights working. As always, I'm unhappy with the quality of the scan, especially in the way it treated the weathered white fencing. 9"x12", watercolor and pencil, on Fabriano 140 lb. paper.

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Lulu said...



ken mac said...

nice colors. Bleecker nr Christopher? Yea man, our hood is under endless invasion it seems....and I don't mean the tourists....~

BooCat said...

What sweet, shy, inquisitive faces. And the ropes, BrianC, look as if they have popped right off of the page and/or my computer screen and that I should be able to reach out and take one. Absolutely wonderful.

Kitty said...

very nice! I love the different colors you used. They bring a playful and unexpected element.