Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vermont: Part I

I was in Vermont over the last four days, enjoying the scenery, hiking the mountains, eating lots of food that's yummy but far removed from my diet, and taking pictures - lots of pictures. With the digital camera alone I took over 300. I'm not sure how many I took with the four film cameras I toted from place to place. So consider this a random selection that forms the "tip of the iceberg." No, these sepia images from Scott Farm in Putney don't convey the variety of autumn colors that draw so many tourists to Vermont. Don't worry; the foliage pictures are coming. I'm still sifting through downloaded files.

As always, I'm torn in my feelings between Vermont and New York City. I love both and each place satisfies a different part of my personality. Although we talk about picking up and moving north, I doubt we could leave the city permanently. Moreover, I also doubt we could become full-time Vermonters, fighting against the lengthy winters. In the end, I suspect we'll have to reach a compromise . . . perhaps a vacation home in Vermont. For now, enjoy the pictures.

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Barbara said...

I think the second shot of the cupola and the one of the wheel are my favorites, but they all are whispering of poets who passed through long, long ago...

Kitty said...

nice photos :-)
hm. I can understand the lure of a simpler life without so many people in one's face. You and I both work in Midtown, where it's a mess. Too many darned people.

I'm not sure I could move out there either.