Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vermont, Part III: Church of Our Savior

The beautiful little Episcopal church is just off Route 4, east of Killington. We had seen it from the main road for years, tucked behind the trees on the north side of a mountain stream. Although we had always pointed it out when passing, we never stopped. I decided to change that on Monday, detouring onto the gravel road for a closer look. What a reward! And it was open! Consecrated in 1895, the Church of Our Savior reminds me of stone village churches scattered throughout England. All it lacks is the clocks that usually adorns the English churches. The stained glass was simple, but beautiful, and the woodwork of the church's interior was stunning (especially the tongue-and-groove arched ceiling). It represented a sharp contrast to the white clapboard congregational churches that dot the New England landscape. In the end, my wife was sorry we hadn't stopped in for services on Sunday.

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Barbara said...

Oh, man! This is absolutely stunning! I would bet you will be visiting again, and again. Funny thing, though, earlier today I was thinking of a tower that looks very much like this one. Are there any trees that would be flowering in the spring? Maybe some Saturday you'd even see a wedding party milling near the door?

Kitty said...

pretty. I love the simple interior. I can imagine how intimate it is.

Nice in design. I like the exterior quite a bit.

BooCat said...

Absolutely marvelous, BrianC. It reminded me that my father always said when we went on vacation together, the car needed a bumper sticker that read, "I break for Episcopal Churches." This one is particularly beautiful.