Friday, October 3, 2008

"Stitch and Pitch"

Last week we went to see a Mets game - a thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Cubs - before they choked several days later and found themselves eliminated from the playoffs by the Marlins for the second straight year. The occasion was the annual "Stitch and Pitch," featuring New York area knitters at the game. (The occasion was started by knitters in Seattle, who regularly sell several thousand tickets for their annual "stitch and pitch" event.) My wife is an avid knitter and active member of the local "fiber arts" community, so naturally we had to go. Besides, you can't beat $10 tickets to a game, even if the seats are in the upper deck!

This photo shows our good friend Lily Chin, one of the primary organizers of the event. Lily is a leading knitwear designer and instructor in knitting and crocheting. She also possesses a fun and flamboyant personality. Note that everything she's wearing in this photo was hand-knit, including the hat, glove, and ball. It was definitely an attention-grabber at the game!

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