Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Blooms

More flowers from my rambles around the city. While some people may think of New York as this desert of tall buildings, with Central Park an oasis in the center of Manhattan, the city really holds a remarkable variety of green spaces and little gardens. In fact, I think the sometimes overpowering presence of so much concrete and steel prompts New Yorkers to make an extra effort to cultivate gardens, whether in window boxes or on deserted lots. The community gardens, for example, are fantastic and often hold a variety of flowers that might rival some botanical gardens. These photos are: a) a striking clematis at my sons' school garden; a nice pink rose (possibly a species rose of the Sweet Brier or Prairie variety) from the St. Luke in the Fields garden; an allium, in the same family as onions; and an unknown variety of red climbing rose from a townhouse in Chelsea.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I don't "do" roses, as in, I don't grow them...
I've never seen a clematis this beautiful blue shade. My magenta-colored ones are just starting to bloom.
My allium (thank you, I can never remember what these are called) are not quite in full bloom. They are one of my favorites to dry as they make great accents in dried arrangements. If, of course, you're into "tall."