Monday, May 19, 2008

Chelsea Cat

Ralphie: Described by his owner as a "declawed, co-dependent, attack cat." He regarded us with unflappable suspicion and didn't move a muscle to check us out. So much for curiosity "killing the cat." I like to think that I can get just about any cat to approach me. Ralphie would have none of it.

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BooCat said...

Wow, Ralphie has Catitude with a Capital-C and you captured it right down to the ground! If there was ever a cat in charge of all he surveys, I suspect it is Ralphie. That is exactly what I love about cats.
By the way BrianC, there are now two new kittens in this household. They were trapped in the feral colony down by the Warrior River.

Kitty said...

aw, I love when cats sit like this, all tucked in.
He looks like he could stand a diet, lol.