Thursday, July 12, 2007

Echinacea - Purple Cone Flowers

Once again, Madison Square Park yields some beautiful flowers. You'll recall that the Spring had featured tulips and allium. Now wearing its midsummer colors, the Park's beds are dominated by hostas, hydrangea, and these echinacea (or purple cone flowers). I find the purple cone flowers - and the similar black-eyed susans - are among my summer favorites . . . certainly more than the ubiquitous day-lillies. It was my lucky day to spot this butterfly (a "Red Admiral"?) enjoying one of the echinacea.

I'm still hoping to see some gerbera daisies, perhaps summer-blooming roses, and poppies. I know that in Central Park and up in Riverside Park one can find Delphinium, Digitalis and Hollyhocks, all of which are favorite summer bloomers. (When I lived in the South I would venture into forests to find Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Trillium, and numerous other wildflowers. I miss those!)

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One Wink at a Time said...

This year, my out-door planting has consisted of a couple of new Hydrangea, two new Clematis, (one died already...) two beds of wild flowers and a window box of Gerber daisies which are looking pretty ill about now. I do not have a green thumb. And the weather has been ravaging. I think I'll blame the weather... Your pics are great. Maybe I'll print them up and hang them around the yard ;-)