Monday, April 14, 2008

Thursday Walk Downtown

Walked from Madison Square Park to Soho last Thursday and snapped a few photos on the way. As always, Union Square was busy - in this case it was ASPCA Day with lots of dogs, cats, owners and volunteers mucking about in orange bandannas. Union Square seems to attract a very diverse crowd, and sure, the green market that's open several days each week certainly attracts many people. But it seems forever filled with protesters, sidewalk artists, kids on field trips, and the homeless. In the 1970s it was less positively regarded as a haven for prostitutes and drug dealers. With Washington Square Park under renovation, I wonder if some of that park's crowd has migrated up to Union Square.

In the larger photos below: 1) an interesting apartment building with Art Deco detailing at its entrance; 2) a movie shoot outside my favorite bookstore, The Strand (The film is Julie and Julia, based on the popular book about a woman who tried to cook her way through all of a classic Julia Child tome. It stars Amy Adams (Enchanted) and Meryl Streep. Adams looked very ordinary and not nearly as "glam" as her "princess" character in Enchanted.); 3) the "Puck" statue on the Puck Building, located on Houston at Lafayette (I attended a charity dinner and auction here on Thursday evening, hence my walk downtown. TV viewers will recognize the building and the statue from Will and Grace.); and 4) St. Patrick's "Old" Cathedral on Mulberry St. Advertising Sunday services in Chinese, Spanish, and English, this original St. Patrick's obviously serves a diverse population of worshippers, no surprise given its location. There's a large walled cemetery forming a horseshoe around the back of the church. One can peep through the locked doors and spy old stones . . . but I haven't gotten in yet!

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Kitty said...

I love the Puck Building. It's so cool around there. I love the Strand, too, though I rarely go. You can seriously while away an entire afternoon and not buy anything!