Friday, April 11, 2008

Grace Church Spring

These shots are from the garden at Grace Church (Broadway at 10th Street), one of the most beautiful churches in New York City. With its Gothic Revival details and equally striking Rectory (visible in photos 2 and 3), it looks as if it could have been plucked out of Oxford or Cambridge and dropped into the middle of New York City. Originally the Episcopal parish for many prominent families of "Gilded Age" New York, Grace Church is mentioned in the novels of Edith Wharton. Incidentally, I was married here 10 years ago as of this coming May 30th, on an unusually hot, late Spring Saturday, with the garden's roses in full bloom.

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jblack designs said...

Beautiful! Your wedding sounds like something out of a Wharton novel, too. Congratulations early!

Kitty said...

Happy Anniversary Brian!
I agree, it's such a lovely church, mostly because its location is so unexpected and well-sited.
There's such detail here, and it's located in such a busy area. What a great choice for a wedding!