Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend photos

Just a few photos from the weekend. Soccer restarted, so we spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday watching the boys play. The top two photos show Ben watching Sam's game. The bottom photos are of Sam shooting some hoops at a playground in the West Village. They got a new junior-sized basketball for Christmas - after I braved the NBA Store in midtown - and have enjoyed shooting baskets for the last 2 weeks, even in the cold. Their Junior Knicks program at the neighborhood YMCA restarts on February 1st, so they're anxious about "being ready." These photos were taken with a new camera, a Canon A570, with which I've been experimenting. The photos of Ben were taken without flash under low light. I think the camera had set the ISO at 1600, aperture f/2.6, and shutter 1/50, hence the graininess of the images.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Amazing how fast your boys are growing. And I love that you're so involved in their lives.
Good pictures, too.

BooCat said...

What beautiful boys. All of you who have children have been given a great gift, even though I realize it is also a great responsibility. You are truly blessed by God.

Isabel said...

How wonderful that you are able to spend quality time with your boys. They look "very loved"!
My son also plays varsity soccer for high school, and my daughter just started to play this year. We are big soccer fans, after all we are Portuguese and born with a soccer ball attached to our feet :)

Barbara said...

More wandering through your archives ... I especially like the one of Sam leaping with the ball! Leaping ... 'that's what livin' is to me...'