Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

Tonight President Bush delivers his valedictory State of the Union address to the nation. He should use the airtime as a final opportunity to apologize to the American people for: defiling this country's reputation around the world; trampling on the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights and the explicit separation of powers; the waste of thousands of American lives in an illegal war; the loss of a budget surplus thanks to inflated defense spending and tax cuts that benefit only the wealthiest citizens; and pro-business measures that have crippled the ability of the EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies. Of course, he won't admit any wrongdoing or criminal behavior, despite the bitter reality of his behavior. He should spend eight years in a federal prison to atone for his sins of the last eight years. Yet a mere eight years will not be nearly enough time to erase the damaging legacy of the Bush years.


BooCat said...

Dear BrianC, He would have to be in touch with reality to do as you suggest and, of course, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever to support that notion.

jblack designs said...

Boocat--you are a hoot. Ain't it the truth?

One Wink at a Time said...

My sentiments exactly. Both the post and the comments.