Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Photos: Stained Glass

I'm still experimenting with the new camera, this time going for colorful stained glass under low light conditions. These images - Mary Magdalene, an angel at the Annunciation, the hem of Christ's robe, and Christ's hand - were taken in a historic Manhattan parish. The windows were made in Munich and installed in 1887. I've been fortunate over the last several years to work in religious non-profit organizations that have had beautiful stained glass. It's often a challenge to capture these images, both in terms of the unique lighting conditions and difficulty in gaining access to some of these vertical spaces. These windows were reached pretty easily, a welcome change from the clerestory windows I photographed several years ago. They required hauling cameras up narrow iron ladders through two passages near the nave's high ceiling. All that effort to take photos for the parish Christmas card! I'm usually nervous about open heights, and dislike climbing ladders, but for stained glass windows, I'm willing to set that fear aside.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I would say my (our) enjoyment of these should make the inconvenience pale in comparison. They're beautiful!

Isabel said...

Simply beautiful! It was worth the effort.