Friday, January 25, 2008

Village Photos

Here are more photos from the neighborhood. Shots 1 and 3 are representative of the numerous early to mid-19th century townhouses which line the labyrinth of streets in the West Village. There are even a few late-18th century buildings, including the house in which Thomas Paine died, just around the corner from our apartment. Photo 2 is of a ca. 1836 pair of houses that are usually referred to as the "twin sisters." The final image captures one of the ubiquitous water tanks that adorn so many buildings in Manhattan. Ostensibly required for all buildings over six stories, most of these wooden tanks are still made on-site by a handful of family-owned companies that have been in business for generations.

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jblack designs said...

Wow. Beautiful. I love seeing these photos. How lucky you are to live in such a place.

Isabel said...

These are great Brian!
When I go to the city,I am always fascinated by the beauty and history of these extraordinary buildings. So much to see, that my neck hurts from looking up and around...