Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Requisite Photo of the Cat

I look at a lot of blogs each day and I've noticed that there are innumerable photos of cats. For some reason "cat people" feel compelled to add their kitty friends to their blogs. Fine. I love cats (and dogs) and have had cats around since childhood. So, responding to the queries of friends, here is Jill, my ten-year old cat, whom I've had since birth. She's a total sweetheart (a slut, according to my wife, and she means that in positive sense) and has always been very patient with the kids, even when they were younger and tended to pull her ears and pet just a little too vigorously. She'd just sit there and tolderate the rough treatment until she'd had enough, and then walk away quietly, never hissing or swatting (when a good smack with a paw might have been a good thing to teach little boys a valuable lesson). Each day when I get home she hops in my lap when I sit down, and if I lie down, that's an invitation to sprawl across my chest. Here she is at night, resting in my closet, hiding behind some blazers.


One Wink at a Time said...

I was going to say, "Wow, you've had this cat since birth???" (yours) but then I see that you meant Jill's. Ok, so I'm not always funny. And not a cat person. But she's cute as heck. I did have a cat named Moze when I was a teenager. I named him after Ryan O'Neal's character, Moses Pray in Paper Moon. I loved him. (the cat, I mean)

BooCat said...

Jill reminds me of Madam-X, a pregnant feral tabby who was operating a "cat house" (so to speak) in my basement when I took her in off the streets. She lived until the ripe old age of twenty-three and out-lived the litter she presented me with a month after she moved in. Like your Jill, Madam had infinite patience with all other life forms--small humans, other cats and kittens, and even puppies and dogs of all sizes. She died in her sleep one day, curled up on her favorite sunny spot by the living room windows. She was a fine old girl and I miss her still. Thanks, BrianC, for conjuring up her memory.

Isabel said...

Jill sounds just like my brother's cat-Herman. Herman put up with all sorts of abuse at the hands of my kids (when they visited during the summer). He limited himself to purring with contented eyes and to rubbing himself against our legs.
A funny fact about Herman is that he was a Petunia for nearly 2 years (that is how long it took my brother to realize his lovely Petunia was a male cat).
Your Jill is just lovely!