Friday, November 2, 2007


Here's my latest, a quick watercolor sketch of a vintage, Italian-made Lambretta scooter, finished last weekend. I know, I know . . . This seems an odd subject to paint after my exercises in architecture and the more recent portrait of a sleeping homeless man. I guess I did this just to take a break from my usual subjects, and also to experiment with a different size (4" x 9") and perspective, with the odd cropping of the image and sense of narrowness enhanced by the pen and ink border. (I was also between ideas for larger works, but wanted to keep painting. In case you're wondering why I would chose this odd subject . . . I like old Italian scooters, particularly the iconic Lambrettas and Vespas which one sees fairly often on Manhattan streets. I'd love to have one . . . although I think if purchasing a scooter to drive around town, I'd invest in one of the sharp new Vespas just for the sake of safety and reliability. (Watercolor, pen and ink, Fabriano paper, 4" x 9")

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One Wink at a Time said...

Vrroooom, vrroooom. ;-)
Very cool.