Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Art Show

I've mentioned several times over the last couple of months that I was going to be one among 12 artists in a group show - my first. The show is this week and last night was opening night. The turnout was quite good - perhaps more than some of us had expected - and . . . (sound the trumpets) . . . I sold a piece! My first real sale! And, as I had hoped, it was the painting of the homeless man, which I had posted here several weeks ago (and I'll repost again, below).

I have to admit that initially, when I first saw my paintings hanging on the walls, there was a strange disconnect, as if I hadn't been the one who had painted them. But there they were, framed and matted (which by itself gave me an odd feeling), and available for comment by passers by. Thankfully, the crowd was very complimentary and, surveying the works of the other artists, I felt like I belonged in the show, certainly from the standpoint of technique and composition. So thus far the experience has been a real morale boost, and perhaps has acted as a spur to drive me to the next level - getting a little gallery to take some of my works.

Although last night likely offered the best chance of selling pieces, perhaps I'll sell something else over the next few evenings. I'll keep my fingers - or brushes - crossed.


Steph said...

Great painting ! Lucky is the one who bought it!

One Wink at a Time said...

Wow, this is so very exciting!
You speak of the disconnected feeling... On the opposite side of the spectrum, times (though few) that I have sold my work, I felt almost as if I were selling one of my kids. I guess I kind of get attached to what I'm working on in a different way than you might.
I'm not at all surprised that your work was well-accepted. I'm jealous that someone else now owns... wait, does this piece have a title?
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Isabel said...

Great work, Brian!
It does not surprise me at all that you sold it.