Wednesday, February 7, 2007


When I started this blog I stated an intention to post some of my watercolors. However, efforts to scan these paintings proved frustrating. In particular, color reproduction proved impossible; I simply couldn't duplicate accurately the colors of the original. In the end, I took my digital camera and photographed them. The results were better - albeit not optimal. With a little exposure correction in photoshop the results weren't too bad. So here are the first examples:

Much of my work is architectural, with occasional landscapes tossed in. Living in New York City, I'm surrounded by architectural gems that are too often overlooked by the hordes marching "Metropolis"-like from office to home. My neighborhood, the West Village, is particularly rich in architectural stock, from 18th century houses and Victorian row houses to post-modern atrocities of mirrored glass. Luckily the Greenwich Village Historic District has been spared most of the building nightmares that plague other neighborhoods. This first painting (9x12 original) is of a window and fire escape on Perry Street. It's not a uniquely significant building. However, I liked the lighting and the geometry, two factors which influence heavily my decisions on subject matter.

As mentioned in a post from a few days ago, the Flatiron Building continues to inspire artists and photographers. Stand at the "X" formed by Fifth Avenue and Broadway crossing and one will always see photographers/tourists stopping to snap photos of the Flatiron. Naturally I had to paint it. This was just an initial attempt, a quick 5x7 sketch of the Flatiron at sunset. I really wanted to present the building as the prow of a large ship. Also, I tried to capture the colorful play of light and shadow on a building that's normally plain grey marble. At sunset the marble of the upper floors grabs the sunlight and takes on a completely different character. I think I'll be returning to the Flatiron as a subject very soon.

Finally, I've included this image of the cupola of St. John's Lutheran Church, a historic, early 19th century church on Christopher Street. (It's just up the street from Sheridan Square and the site of the "Stonewall Riots," considered a turning-point in the battle for gay/lesbian rights. Since its repainting last summer it is again a beautiful spot in a part of the neighborhood that can be a bit seedy. (For these pictures, you can click on each of the small images to see a larger version.)

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One Wink at a Time said...

So glad you shared these! They're beautiful and I was glad to be able to enlarge them to see detail. The Perry St. bldg is my favorite, I've always had a thing for bricks. (?) You're very good. These make me want to break out the brushes!