Monday, February 5, 2007


It took every ounce of resolve in me to crawl out of bed today. Between the icebox temperatures, general melancholy, and lack of sleep, I could barely move. But move I did, and dragged my carcass to the office and now sit answering emails and phone messages. February is always my toughest month. Christmas is now long gone and it's post-birthday, so there's nothing significant to spark one's anticipation until the Spring. This is definitely the period during which I experience the so-called "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or "SAD." Spring seems as distant as the end of this "tunnel" created by the elms of Central Park's "Mall.

In my previous job the office was only one block from the park, so I would often wander over at lunch. Alas, I'm now too far from the Park for quick walks . . . so I rather miss that chance to recharge. Madison Square Park is close, and although it's a far cry from Central Park, it does offer its own set of pleasures, particular views of the Flatiron Building (originally known as the Fuller Building) which inspired some of the masters of photography, including Alfred Stieglitz (from 1903, see left), and Edward Steichen (1905, see below).

The Flatiron, which gives its name to the surrounding neighborhood, is still a remarkable architectural gem, so it's not surprising that it inspired artists when it rose above the surrounding buildings as the first "skyscraper" in New York City.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I always feel a "let-down" after the holiday and then February seems to drag. Then I start looking forward to my birthday in March and Spring and then I'm ok.
These are very cool photos.
Very nicely written post.
Hope you can stay positive. I'm here to talk to if ya need me.