Friday, October 2, 2009


9" x 12", watercolor, pen and ink, Arches paper. I worked on this for at least a month, off and on, sometimes painting for a few days and then setting it aside for a week or more. Seemed as if it defied completion - until last night. Part of the problem was getting the yellow "just right." In some areas I used at least a dozen washes, including plain water to better blend the mix of three different yellows.

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Barbara said...

How funny - while I was out, stopped at a traffic light, I studied a school bus, a Bluebird, and remembered all the years riding to and fro school in one! I cannot help but notice that the side of the bus almost reads, "Stop Devil" ... great job ... love the work and the visual pun ...

Kitty said...

quite nice. I like the white highlights and calm blue shadow.

You've been steadily improving!