Monday, October 19, 2009

Pay Phone and the No. 2 Express

Remember when pay phones were such a ubiquitous landmark? They're still common in the subway system because most cell phones just won't pick up a signal down in the stations. However, it's not uncommon to see them disable with smashed receivers, broken wires, and jammed coin slots. 9" x 12", watercolor, pen & ink, on Arches 300 lb. paper. I'm really starting to favor this heavy paper . . . the heft, absorbency with heavy washes.

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Barbara said...

Astonishing, isn't it, the way technology has swept even itself away? Amazing ... This piece is so vivid I can smell the plastic of the receiver and that 'underground' odor ... unmistakable, eh? The yellow is a nice, nice bit ... Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous, Brian!!! all of them, really really fabulous!!! Gorgeous! miss you guys!!

Sara V.