Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Tom Otterness

Walking along the waterfront in lower Manhattan's Battery Park City, Sam and I stumbled upon another installation of whimsical Tom Otterness figures. If you're a regular visitor to this site you might recall my May 23rd entry on his works that populate the 8th Ave./14th St. L Train subway station. As in the subway pieces, money, in the form of piles of change, seems to be a common theme in many of his works. Also, compared to the small scale of the subway sculptures, these pieces were usually larger, and in some instances had small foot outlines included, perhaps to encourage climbing children. (My favorite is the bound and gagged cat being carried away.)

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BooCat said...

The cat stalking the bird is quite nice, too. He can really capture a great deal of the personality of the cat with such simple lines, can he not? The man truly has had experience and relationships with cats.
Great photos, as usual for you, Brian.

susanna said...

That's it! I'm bookmarking your blog right this very second (or the second after I finish typing)! So many interesting New York finds - many that I haven't seen before, including these ones. Thanks!