Friday, March 7, 2008

Apple Tree

This started its life as a woodblock print. I drew the outlines, laboriously carved the block, and made several test prints. Unfortunately, I was never happy with the results, which always seemed uneven or irregularly printed. As a novice in that medium, obviously I was doing something wrong. So experimentation in that area will have to continue. However, I really liked this image of the apple tree and wanted to see a finished version. In the end, I decided to turn it into a painting. This is a 5" x 7" work, on Arches 140 lb. paper, using a combination of watercolors and Japanese ink and brush. This is the result I had hoped to achieve with the woodblock. This is the second painting in which I've used the Japanese ink and brush and I'm really pleased with the results. Although it's unforgiving and requires a steady hand for areas of fine detail, this ink is very smooth and offers a beautifully stark contrast to the washes of color.


BooCat said...

As you know from my blog, the image of the apple tree has special significance for me. This image is an especially fine one indeed. It really lends sunshine to this winter day. (We actually have a dusting of snow on the ground this morning in West-Central Alabama.) I do wish I had your artistic talent. You are truly blessed by God.

Kitty said...

I really love this image small and large.

It's cool that you experimented. It's not easy to pry oneself loose sometimes and take risks creatively. Bravo for doing so!