Monday, March 10, 2008

Apple Tree, Version 2

I was so happy with the results on the apple tree painting that I decided to paint a variation over the weekend. This time the background is blue and the apples and leaves are perhaps a bit more vivid. I may even paint a third version with the apples either yellow, green, or a variegated red/yellow. My wife has suggested that I make high-quality scans of these and print them on notecards. Hmmmmm, this may be the push I need to start an Etsy site (long in the "planning" stage) with cards, prints and originals for sale.


jblack designs said...

Lovely, Brian. And you should start an etsy site. Your work is excellent.


Isabel said...

I like this version of the apple even better than your last one.
you should definitely consider joining Etsy.

BooCat said...

You should market your work. It is excellent.