Monday, August 6, 2007

Self-Portrait - Tired Eye

Do I look tired? After a weekend of playing video games and baseball with the kids, I'm tired. Given a choice, I'd eschew the video games (nearly always sports-themed, since we don't allow "shoot-em-up" games in the house) for a round of catch at the playground. And on Monday, the tightness in my shoulder and arm seems much more rewarding than the carpal tunnel syndrome developing in my hands and wrists thanks to Playstation. But my eyes - green, by the way - my eyes feel sooooo tired after playing the video games. The old adage about TV being "bad for your eyes" . . . It's true.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Maybe some strategically placed fresh cucumber slices???
I'm glad you don't do the violent games, it really bothers me to see kids learning to kill, even virtually.
I have green eyes too, not quite as dark as yours. I'm told that they turned from blue to green when I was about 6. A pediatrician told me once that doesn't happen...
You don't see many truly green eyes. And certainly not as red and puffy as this... ;-)