Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Showing a bit of leg . . .

I'm sooooo glad that the warm weather has finally arrived in NYC. It means I can finally slip into my uniform de jure for just about every day, including time at work. (Luckily I work in a nonprofit where shorts and sandals are fine for most occasions.) For me, the most comfortable clothes are some long, baggy shorts, preferably madras or seersucker, an old oxford shirt that's been washed a thousand times and my Keen sandals, which are the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn.
Now don't get the impression that I always look grungy in a pair of shorts. On the contrary, I almost always look neat. And when I'm not wearing shorts and sandals, that "aging preppy" persona reasserts itself in the form of bow ties (the only kind I'll wear . . . and yes, I tie them myself), khakis, lots of tweeds or seersucker depending on the weather, and loafers without socks. In short, my wardrobe has been in an ossified state since about 1982, when I graduated from one of those "preppified" private schools in Virginia.

Ironically, the wardrobe confuses people, since they assume I'm going to have a personality or viewpoint that mirrors the sartorial milieu. Once I open my mouth, however, people quickly discover that I'm the antithesis of conservative or staid, particularly in terms of my anti-Bush, anti-Republican rhetoric.
So at least I can now walk around the city in comfort . . . and I can go from the office to the playground without missing a beat.


kev859 said...

I like your style, I only wear bows too and tie them my self. I do agree with you that people are quick to judge when they see me, but their ideas of me are usally far from what that acctually turn out to be.

One Wink at a Time said...

Bri, you are way cool. ;-)