Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yesterday I again walked home through Madison Square Park, and although I didn't have the great light that had enhanced Monday's photos, I did see more tulips and evidence that Spring has finally arrived in the City. So I snapped these photos and while downloading the tulip shot to the computer I was greeted by something I hadn't notice while snapping the photo - the bumblebee in mid-flight!

Now if only I could control the depth of field with this crappy digital camera! The tulips and bee would have been in sharp focus and the background could have been an unobtrusive blur. Guess I'll have to start carrying around the 1952 Praktiflex with the Zeiss lens again. It weighs a ton for a camera, but produces incredibly sharp images.

The weekend is supposed to be spectacular, so I'll try to get to Central Park in between baseball and soccer commitments. When I worked a block away I went to the Park daily . . . now haven't been in a month. Here's the "detail" shot showing the bumblebee. The bee's doubtless thrilled to have such an abundant supply of pollen.


Biscuit said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I envy people who have an eye for this stuff. I am notoriously unobservant to my surroundings.

One Wink at a Time said...

Bri, I WAS going to send you pictures of my tulips but the more I look at yours... *sigh* You are sooo my hero.