Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Son #1

So with my impending birthday, I'll continue in the vein of showing off the progeny. This is Son #1, who will be 8 in the spring. He's the athlete, excelling at soccer and baseball, already throwing a ball at 40 mph. Since this photo was taken a couple of years ago he has lost the rest of that "baby fat" and now looks like a little gymnast. His upper body strength and muscle definition are amazing. I'm envious. LOL. He lives and breathes sports, and will watch baseball, football, basketball, whatever is on, whether pro or college. He also has an incredible memory for player names and faces. He's a redhead - closer to the strawberry blond or well-worn copper penny, depending on the light. He also has the fiery personality often associated with redheads. He's also demonstrating considerable facility for music, which is a relief, since my wife and I are both musicians.

I like this photo, and the pic of Son #2, posted earlier. The contrast between light and shadow really works, I think. Both were scanned from 120 prints, the originals taken on a vintage Czech-made TLR from the 1950s, hand-metered with a vintage Weston selenium meter. (Yes, I have a rather eccentric approach to photography. Most is done with vintage cameras and I guess reflects my background as a historian and archivist.

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One Wink at a Time said...

You've got two beautiful boys, Brian. Their eyes are something else. Thanks for sharing them.
My grandson is a Spiderman nut also.

Cheers to you for a very Happy Birthday. Hope you have a really great day full of love and laughter.