Monday, January 15, 2007

Is winter finally here?

Hailing from the South, I came to New York City expecting harsher winters than I had experienced growing up in coastal Virginia. Thus far I've been disappointed. We've had a little more snow than I had seen, but overall temperatures weren't really worse. Obviously the close proximity to water makes a difference; it certainly did for those of us living in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. The primary difference I've experienced here is that it gets cold earlier, and hangs on a little longer in March/April.

At this point, I'm wishing for a bit of snow . . . and we've usually had some by now! Alas, I'll post a photo I took a couple of years ago, and remember the beauty of Central Park in early morning snow, before the pedestrians and cleaning crews, and dogs have turned it into a mess.

The Weather Channel is predicting colder temperatures - finally - for New York City over the next couple of weeks! Perhaps it will snow.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Really nice pic.
As it happens, my husband was born and lived in Hampton VA until he was about 15 and moved North. I love the area and would like to go there but he has no desire to return.