Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And still I'm surprised!

Even after eight years in New York, I'm still surprised almost daily by the architectural diversity. One never knows what kind of embellishment you might encounter if you just look up a little. (Note to all those New Yorkers who stare at the pavement while walking: Look up! You're missing so much! And you can still avoid making eye contact with the hordes marching up and down the avenues.)

I found this little clock on Park Ave. in the low 30s. As it chimes the hours, the little troll/elf/?? groveling before the gnome raps his hammer on an anvil. Also, behind the troll/elf there's a shoe, out of which rises a lithe, sylph-like creature, who disappears when the chiming concludes. Just amazing.

Does anyone know this clock and have additional information? Was this building originally a site for making shoes? I know there was plenty of light industry in this part of Manhattan.

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