Monday, December 29, 2008

Ralph Goings Redux

Nearly two years ago I painted this "Homage to Ralph Goings" as an experiment with the still-life genre. I also wanted to see how the watercolor medium would work with an image made popular by one of my favorite painters, Ralph Goings. He worked in oils and achieved a high degree of realism rivaled by only a few other 20th century American artists. Recently I've repainted a couple of my old favorites, revisiting images from a couple of years ago, in part because I've sold or given away earlier originals, or just want to see how my style has evolved over time. I think the newer version of the Goings still-life is brighter and perhaps crisper, with a sharper contrast between the light and shadow, especially in the salt shaker. 9" x 12" watercolor with pen and ink, 300 lb. Fabriano cold pressed paper.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Even though I rarely use the stuff, I'm fighting the urge to reach out and pick up the salt shaker ;-)
This is terrific!