Monday, July 7, 2008

Lawns Creek Parish Cemetery

Less than a mile beyond Bacon's Castle is the brick shell and adjoining cemetery of the Lawns Creek Parish. Founded in 1639, the church building burned in 1868, leaving the roofless brick shell visible today. Several years ago a hurricane toppled several large trees at the site, breaking headstones and further damaging the church's walls. Within the last year I've noticed efforts to clean weeds from the building's interior and masonry work improving the safety of the remaining walls. Despite the 17th century genesis of the parish, established in one of the earliest settled areas of the Virginia colony, the small cemetery holds few stones from that earliest period. Indeed, most of the markers are from the mid-19th century and later. The walled family plots are the most interesting feature of the cemetery. There are even a few recent burials! I wonder how one secures a spot . . . Probably a matter of family connections to the cemetery.

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