Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

I saw this soulful guy (see below) near Union Square yesterday. Guarding the truck of a sidewalk vendor peddling clothing and handbags, this dog no doubt looked intimidating to the average passerby. However, I could tell he was a sweetheart because he started wagging his tail as soon as I got close. He even gave me some appreciative licks in the face after I pet on him for a few minutes. I especially like the spot around his left eye. He almost looks like a larger version of "Petey" from the old "Our Gang" shorts of the 1930s. (I saw this sweet German Shepherd waiting for his owner this morning outside K-Mart at Astor Place. Very friendly.)

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BooCat said...

What a big old baby. You really captured his sweetness in your photographs.

Isabel said...

Awwww...I love this dog. So sweet!