Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Weekend Photos

I'm in no mood to ruminate on matters serious today, preferring instead to recover from a hectic weekend of ferrying the kids to various practices and games. I say "ferrying," and if you live in suburbia that will instantly conjure images of me shuttling kids about in a minivan or station wagon. However, a) this is New York, and b) I refuse to become a minivan parent. We walked or took the subway and bus. In fact, on Saturday, when the boys had baseball in the morning and soccer in the afternoon, we walked everywhere . . . in the end, probably several miles. Luckily the boys are accustomed to walking long distances in the city and didn't complain. Indeed, they're usually pretty curious about walking through the different neighborhoods - almost like little villages - that make up the city.

One never knows what one might encounter . . . a street fair, a crime scene, and in our neighborhood in particular, celebrities. This weekend it was Elvis Costello and his wife Diana Krall, each pushing a stroller with their several-month-old twins. Also, Julianne Moore, who's a regular in the 'hood and is just so sweet and down to earth - not to mention gorgeous - was out at the little league games with daughter Olivia watching her son play baseball. Luckily no paparazzi caught up with them, an occurrence that's happening with greater frequency in the West Village.

So here are a few random shots from the weekend's walks. Thankfully the weather turned warmer and sunnier on Sunday, thus improving the light. I include the first photo from my walk home on Friday, just to underscore the point about encountering the unexpected, even when it comes to architecture. This was a terracotta building number in the Flatiron District. Most people keep their eyes glued to the pavement when they walk in the City. I tend to look up just so I can spot interesting stuff on buildings, in part because I'm also looking for subjects for painting. As noted before, I enjoy painting architectural details and usually choose subjects based on the play of geometry and light in a scene. The photo of old cameras in a window was taken on Hudson Street. They reside in this little gallery that recently featured a series of paintings on famous Jewish boxers of the early 20th century. I know . . . how obscurantist is that?! The remainder of the images - none really artful or noteworthy - just continue to show the neighborhood in its Spring wakeup. I love the contrast between the green of the tree leaves (which just unfolded in the last week) and the blue sky. Sunday was a nice afternoon for staring at the sky.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Great pics. Have I seen the "51" before? Did you paint it?
Interesting about Elvis- I didn't know he hooked up with Ms. Krall.
Glad you're enjoying the Spring sights. The cherry blossoms around here are getting lovely...