Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter?

How can the high temperature today, Easter, be the same as the high temperature recorded for Christmas? Only 45 and snow flurries on April 8th? For those of us who definitely suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, today is a rude insult, made all the more potent by the tease of warm weather we had a couple of weeks ago. The silver lining . . . for those of us working in religious-based non-profits, the passing of Holy Week and Easter promises a slight easing of the workload. And, I have a couple of days off. (The image is a "polaroid image transfer" which involves taking the old "shoot-wait-peel" film, shooting a photo, and instead of waiting the usual minute or so after yanking the film from the camera, peel within 10 seconds, toss the part that would have been the finished photo, then press the wet negative onto wet watercolor paper. Use a brayer to smooth out the contact between the surfaces, then gently peel away the negative, leaving the wet polaroid emulsion on the paper. The finished product - unpredictable in terms of the results one gets - often has a painting-like quality or resembles a 19th century photo. I use a 1970-model polaroid camera . . . the kind with the large bellows out front. It's a fun process, but not cheap, given the expense of polaroid film. This is a large church on Manhattan's upper east side.)

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One Wink at a Time said...

Wow, Bri, very cool. I love the effect and the green is great.