Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Tease of Spring

It's in the 70s here today . . . a tease a later spring in New York City. The first shoots of crocus and daffodil are up and a few early tulips are sending their first bits of green up to check out the weather. Still, this is a dicey time for weather. Barely over a week ago we had ice and snow. It may be 70+ today, but next week it could be freezing again. March and April are just so unpredictible in the City. So we dress warmly in the morning, and by afternoon we're shedding layers and heading for home with coats draped over arms. At this point I'm longing for the chance to slip into some madras or seersucker shorts, my Keen sandals, and an ancient white oxford - washed to a buttery softness - sleeves rolled a few times.

Now, if we could just get some leaves on the trees for a little shade, and we'll be set. I'm particularly interested in seeing how Madison Square Park looks in full bloom, since it isn't far from my office. For now, however, the trees are barren, so I still have the unobstructed views of the New York Life building, the Flatiron across the park, and several other insurance behemoths. The New York Life building, with its gold-topped cupola is, of course, a Manhattan landmark, and I've included a little painting of it here.

The painting is just a quick study of some of the detail around the windows on the lower levels. Its west-facing marble is a great canvas in the late-afternoon sun (just as I discovered with the Flatiron building) and a great study in contrasts between sun and shadow. I look forward to seeing these architectural gems framed by the mature trees of Madison Square Park.


One Wink at a Time said...

I'm not sure which pleases me more, this delightful painting you've shared with us or the image of you in your shorts/sandals/shirt :-)
Happy Spring, Cowboy!
Make sure you take photos of the Park in bloom.

Hannah said...

re: existentialism on quaker lane. yes i did.