Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course . . ."

Greenwich Village is filled with historic homes and buildings. The fact that some of the streets still have their cobblestones is icing on the cake. And if you spend much time walking in the Village, you'll notice residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings that clearly weren't constructed with their present occupants in mind. There are a couple of old police precinct buildings, some breweries, fire stations, and, in the case of this post, stables. Indeed, within just a few blocks of my home, there are several buildings reminding one that Manhattan was once dominated by horses and carriages, rather than the now ubiquitous bright yellow-orange cabs. And although you might immediately conclude that a horse's head protruding from a building represents a unique architectural embellishment for an urban stable, this building is only one of several that I've noticed with prominent equine heads. So enjoy a bit of old New York City.


One Wink at a Time said...

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing. I can drive a few miles from my home and see similar sights, but in this case, the animals are genuine, living and breathing. Your buildings there have the same charm, just different. And they probably smell a bit better ;-)

Simon said...

Brian, your incredibly amusing lunar comment over at One Wink prompted me to come take a peek. Having just now scanned through most of what's visible here on your front page, I fear I may find myself coming back. The negative emotion due mostly to a dearth of reading time into which I attempt to cram as much on-line frittering as I think I can, which estimate frequently bleeds through the boundaries I've set and stains other parts of my day.

So, at the very least, "Hi!"

One Wink at a Time said...

Isn't this interesting... Simon, I think you'll find that my friend Brian is quite the interesting Renaissance man. He's not only articulate but tremendously talented in many areas. In fact if you check the Archives and take a gander at the Homage to Ralph Goings Part 1, you will see my Birthday present ;-)