Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"It's Our Pleasure to Serve You"

Like the Chinese takeout box, these little Greek-themed coffee cups are all over the city, sold from carts at countless corner trailers that also offer bagels and donuts each weekday morning. Of course, with the Starbucks invasion, and a host of copycats, these little blue and white fixtures have some competition in the curbside garbage competition. Fabriano paper, 140lb., 9" x 12", watercolor, pen & ink.


Kitty said...

great job!
the lettering and greek ornament came out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Gorgeous illustrations, especially love the food-themed items !

Barbara said...

I've noticed these cups in several NYC-based movies and sitcoms since you introduced them here. Love the glimpse of life in the Big Apple! Best wishes, as always!

Anonymous said...

Nice cup! Really like it. I find the writing ironic, it's great. Thanks for your comment. The blog, as I've said, is in a coma.

Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope all is better now.

Keep well.