Monday, November 10, 2008

In the "Found Photo" Department . . .

I found this photograph for sale at a weekend outdoor market in Soho. Although I didn't buy it, I couldn't resist snapping a clandestine picture. From the men's clothing and the trappings of Eastern Orthodoxy, it looks to be early 20th century, pre-revolutionary Russian. There's cyrillic text at the bottom but no date. What's the occasion? A wedding? I'm not really sure, but would appreciate input from anyone who is more familiar with Russian custom and dress. Is this photograph here in New York because a family member - even someone in this group - joined the immigrant tide to the United States? This would have been at the height of Eastern European/U.S. immigration, so it's entirely plausible. Like so many of these "found" photos, it tells so many possible stories - but answers so few of our questions as observers.

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Ken Mac said...

biggest quez: Why anyone would get rid of these, or did they, or did they all die off?

One Wink at a Time said...

I think we've discussed this before, how photographs "lose" their rightful owners. If my family was fortunate enough to own pictures like this, I would guard them with my life!
Hope you can find out some history.