Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Shop Cat

This beauty - "Smokey" - lives on 7th Avenue at 12th St. According to his owner, "Smokey" is a great mouser and regularly leaves little "presents" from a night's hunt. He had to be one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats I've ever encountered in the city. Sitting outside the shop, he was unfazed by the passing crowds - and numerous dogs - but readily welcomed visitors.

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One Wink at a Time said...

Very pretty cat, altho in the second pic, Smokey looks like a totally different cat...
I'm a little antsy about kitties right now, if you read this:


...you'll see why. D'oh!

Kitty said...

wow, what a cat. I love green eyes.

He looks small (as in, not huge or overweight, lol). In the top photo his head looks big for his body, as if he's a young cat.