Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Shots

Here's a sample of photos from my walks of the last few days. The first two shots are of a great building on Houston St. just below Broadway. I love the late afternoon sun . . . and the geometry of the fire escape against the architectural ornamentation. I know I promised no more water tanks, but here's the shadow of a tank cast on an NYU housing tower on Houston St. The final image is of the "BVM" (what some of my Catholic friends call the "Blessed Virgin Mary") outside of St. Anthony of Padua Church on West Houston and Sullivan St.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I especially like the second picture, so much detail and interest. The last one, the statue, seems to cry out, "Brian, I need to be a watercolor!"

BooCat said...

Oh BrianC, Your BVM photo speaks to me.
Our Lady of Padua is particularly lovely as statues of the BVM go, isn't she? She has a sweet expression on her face and her hands are open and welcoming. Everything about her is wonderful right down to her bare toes in the snow. Your exposure got all of the details with just the right amount of light and shadows and it could almost be a black-and-white photo except for the red brick wall--nice, very nice.
I am quite taken with the Virgin. For a former SB, it didn't take me long to get right into the Anglo-Catholic side of the Episcopal Church.