Thursday, September 27, 2007

More photos from Central Park

I was going through some photos this morning and ran across these two from about 4 years ago. I remember they were among my favorites back then, and was curious about whether they could be held up to the scrutiny of time and changing perspectives. Obviously the photo of an archway and steps in sunlight and shadow is a little more abstract than most of my photographic work, which tends to be more narrative. It was taken near Bethesda Fountain.

The second photo, with the park bench stretching away from the viewer from an out-of-focus foreground to focused background is almost abstract in its composition, but for the presence of a couple sitting on the end of the bench. I remember being curious about their presence on a cold winter's day, the only people perched on this long stretch of empty bench. I remember suspecting at the time that this couple likely spent a lot of time in Central Park, huddled on benches to escape the stifling confines of a small apartment or nearby home for the elderly. Who knows. I think if I could take this photo over again I'd try a broader depth of field to bring the foreground portion of the bench into focus just to see how that image might contrast with the one I snapped.

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BooCat said...

BrianC, Your photography is wonderful, your artwork superb. Finding you blog was a happy day indeed.